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As a leading player in the commercial sanitation sector in Singapore and a renowned provider of green bathroom solutions internationally, Rigel is actively seeking business collaboration opportunities with developers around the globe.


Always innovative, Rigel delivers new technologies and products that redefine the state-of-the-art. All with the promise of green innovation, intelligent technology and clean comfort that makes life easier and better.


All the latest in the world of Rigel, from awards to events, developments and new products.

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Rigel has been instrumental in the greening of Singapore’s modern skyline, supplying sanitary solutions for numerous prominent developments. Here are some of the more notable of recent years.


Our years of experience in the commercial sanitation sector have endowed us with proficiency in designing and manufacturing highly efficient products. Many of these, from taps and mixers to urinals and dual-flush low capacity flushing cisterns, enjoy high efficiency ratings under the PUB (Singapore’s national water agency) Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme.


Awards and similar forms of recognition are not our primary motivation. The desire to excel and provide excellent products and service is our real driving force. Still, we are glad when our efforts are recognised by others in our community, as they have been, many times.

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Since its incorporation in 1991, Rigel has consistently set the standard for eco-friendly bathroom solutions, forging groundbreaking innovations and employing the latest technology to
help create a more sustainable future with efficient resource management. User-friendly features and modern design based on aesthetics, usability and comfort make it today’s premier
choice for both residential and commercial developments.

Rigel Innovation Centre, No. 20 Changi Business Park Central 2, Singapore 486031    Telephone: (65) 6812 6288    Email: